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August 15th, 2012

15 Video Websites for Daily Inspiration

inspiring video websites

inspiring video websites

Sure, YouTube is great for lunch break laughs chock-full of finger biting, cute ninja cats and post-dentist visits. But sometimes you need a little jolt of inspiration on your breaks. Whether you prefer brilliant ads, breathtaking animations, or thought-provoking talks, I’ve compiled a quick list of some of my favorite video sites for daily doses of inspiration. (While some of these are household names, others are severely underrated.)

Click, play, repeat. Enjoy!
Read more…

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December 1st, 2011

Cherry-Pick Clients Who Inspire You

cherry pick your clients!

cherry pick your clients!

In a day job, there may be times when you don’t always get along with every single supervisor, coworker or client that comes into the office.

One of the benefits of being a freelancer is that you get to pick & choose your clients. (Sure, sometimes money is tight and you don’t have the luxury to be incredibly picky).

You will be speaking to this person on a regular basis, so make sure you consult first with a face-to-face over coffee. Are they on the other side of the country? Enjoy a continental cup o’ joe over skype. The point is, get a feel for the client personally before moving on to any sort of proposal. Read more…

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July 13th, 2011

Everything I learned about business, I learned from Harry Potter.

(a tribute to the movie premiere that has me bubbling with excitement like a fresh brew of butterbeer.)

JK really knew what she was doing.

JK really knew what she was doing.

Don’t worry, I am not talking about turning my home office into Hogwarts or anything, but there are a few tricks up my freelance sleeve that I can attribute to my four-eyed friend.

Modesty is underrated. Think about it. When Harry was a small, insecure orphan and he found out his powers were indeed, magic, he did not go around lifting up his bangs, Bieber-style, pointing out his lighting scar. Everybody else talked him up, gushing about his legacy and foreshadowing his importance. Even when he first demonstrated telltale acts of bravery, he did not inflate his accomplishments. Only when he gets cocky for a chapter or two does it backfire on him. Moral: Let your actions speak for themselves. Don’t just tell a prospective client what you will do for them – do it. Give them an example of two of the types of ideas you can bring to the table.

It’s okay to acknowledge and say the name of your “evil enemy.”
Initially, everyone in the Wizarding World would gasp in horror if they heard the name “Voldemort” escape someone’s lips. Harry learned to defy this concept later on in the series, realizing that just saying the name wouldn’t bring destruction. It would, however, let your enemy know you are still a formidable opponent, and force their hand, putting the proverbial Quiddich ball in their court. Read more…

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February 24th, 2011

Pura Vida! A little Costa Rican attitude goes a long way

Refreshing and Infectious

Refreshing and Infectious

Pura vida!,” The most commonly used phrase in Costa Rica, literally means “Pure life,” but the saying goes beyond its simple translation: it symbolizes the idea of simply enjoying life and being happy.

As the Urban Dictionary states, it’s a synonym of “hakuna matata” and reflects the relaxed, blissfully simplistic lifestyle of Costa Ricans. Everything is organic and natural – even the personalities of the wait staff are warm, friendly and unassuming.

My husband and I recently went there on our honeymoon and were truly amazed by the country. From the lush vegetation and breathtaking volcano views to the easy-in, easy-out hospital care provided, we were incredibly happy with our vacation selection. But one thing that stood out the most was the people. They completely make you feel at ease by treating you as a new “amigo.” One hot springs bar even had an honors system for how many drinks you had – can you imagine that working in America? No way, Josué! (Name of our favorite waiter at our hotel.) =)

Our trip back to the states felt like an unexpected cold shower after a nice, soothing Jacuzzi. Our harsh jolt into reality started with snippety airline workers, pushy passengers and gum-chewing, eye-rolling coffee baristas who acted like it was pure torture to pour coffee. I could have let it get to me. I could have dreaded going back to work and returning to my bed with no origami animal towels or rose petal-filled pathways…but, I didn’t. Read more…

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May 24th, 2010

The Bachelorette: Tips on finding the ideal candidate

bachelorette should use her work skills when weeding through the candidates!

bachelorette should use her work skills when weeding through the candidates!

The social media-savvy Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky should follow her brain as well as her heart when weeding through the potential husband candidates. The way I look at it, it’s a similar process as finding the perfect new employee or client.

You have to force yourself be keenly judgmental, observant, and analytical, but above all, be true to yourself and your instincts.

Read more…

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March 29th, 2010

Desperate BlogWives: Airing my Dirty Blog Laundry

So, I didn't update for a while...stick in a pin in it.

So, I didn't update for a while...stick a pin in it.

I haven’t updated my blog in months. And you know what? It feels amazing.

Heavy, dark dread used to seep through my veins when I missed a week or two of blog updates. The feeling was reminiscent of coming in past curfew and stepping on a creaky wooden staircase.

Now, I don’t feel the least bit dirty or guilty because I’ve learned to love my blog for who she is… Read more…

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November 9th, 2009

Ten Grammar Rules to Gobble Up: Your Work Will Thank You!

Fall into the correct pattern!

Fall into the correct grammar patterns!

November is a month to give thanks to loved ones, health and happiness. Reading and writing are two of my favorite pastimes (both at home and in the office), so I decided to make a list of my Grammar Pet Peeves with easy-to-remember rules to cure the bad copywriting bug that’s been going around lately.  ;-)

(Please note: a few I already mentioned on the Blue Tide Productions Blog, but thought they were important enough to reiterate.)

1. Review your sentences and remove the word “that.” In most cases, your sentences still make sense without that word. The more you can condense your sentences and tighten up copy, the better.

2.   Finally, an easy way to remember they’re, their, and there!:

They are = they’re. Think of it as a drunken slur, you are just running the words together quickly.

So clearly, their = the “other” one, used for possessive. Easy to remember because an “heir” gets stuff. It just has a T in front of it.

And lastly, “there” indicates a location or destination. Also easy to remember because it is like the word “here” (another location/destination) with a T in front of it.

I.e. They’re going to pick up their car from there.

3. Capitalization versus little letters? Depending on the type of site and copy you are crafting, capitalization comes into play in a big way.

The Big Game. A powerful title, needing all caps.

That’s what SHE said. (Self explanatory.)

Eenie,meenie, miney mo…I may choose not to capitalize any of this sentence if I think the viewer will get the ambiguous feeling better without them. Read more…

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October 2nd, 2009

Creative Halloween Costumes and HOW to Think of The Perfect Costume

1094468_skeleton_walkingI am a sucker for themes. Even at UCF football games, my painted-black toenails receive an accessorized garnish of a delicate golden sword.

You don’t have to be a Ghostbuster to realize Halloween is my friend.

Some of my own favorite homemade costumes in the past have included:

-          Team America outfits (complete with the soundtrack blaring from car en route to party)

-           Dirty Martini drink with a olive hat that you could actually sip cocktails out of with a giant pixie stick straw (my best friend, the Cosmopolitan drink, had an equally cute outfit, complete with a cherry-on-top hat).

-          Rainbow Brite, with my old school colorful shoe-lace ribbon clip

-          I tried to pull of a cute Transformer costume last year, but didn’t have the time to prepare. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

Making creative, crowd-stopping costumes is an art; but thinking of them is a science.

I thought I’d put my creative costume brainstorming powers to good use and share some fun ideas for this year’s Halloween festivities. Consider this my good deed, since I am not giving away candy to Trick-or-Treaters this year. My motives are purely altruistic and have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am sick of seeing the same “sexy [insert nursery rhyme character here]”’s flouncing about every single year. =) Read more…

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September 18th, 2009

The Double-edged Sword of a Passionate Career

1033119_pen_mightier_than_swordThey say to write what you know.

Well, I know about energy, passion, and brainstorming.

I also am one of the few people that recognized what they loved to do at an early age, with my first published literary masterpiece* printed in the 4th grade.

*By masterpiece, I mean a compilation of my schoolwork that my teacher loved so much that she found a printer to sponsor a beautiful rendition of my compiled essays.

However, there is a double-edged sword in having a profession where you love what you do every single day. Read more…

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September 4th, 2009

Creative Local Events (Cheat-Sheet for this Fall)

group_people_color_1 Below, you will find a quick cheat-sheet of powerful events for you creative social butterflies in Orlando. Please make sure to let me know if I missed anything important!

Under 30 Rock Star Business Series (Webinar, but hosted by some of my favorite local rock stars, so I am including anyway!)
Sept. 14 at 7 pm
As a young business person, entrepreneur or job seeker – the competition has never been more fierce. Unemployment is high, funding is tight and the market is ripe for change. We want to show you how to make that change in your own life by helping you create and establish a personal and professional brand!

Each week will have a different theme and instructor. Collectively this group has been using Social Media and Online Tools to create a huge network that includes: More than 25,000 engaged Twitter followers; a community with over 600 active members; TV Coverage on FOX News, ABC and the Daily Buzz; syndication on a nationally distributed Radio Show; magazine features in Smart Business Magazine, Read more…

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